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The Gymnasium rooms are reserved to Club members, Junior members less than 18 years old must be followed by a qualified instructor or by an adult club member who is responsible for eventual damages. The rooms for safety reasons are monitored with cctv cameras.

  1. Gymnastic clothes and shoes should be worn during exercises practice.
  2. The exercises equipment should be used with maximum care and safety for other persons, under full responsibility in case of negligent use. Exercise with machines should follow the instructions and safety precautions.

It is not permitted to

  1. eat food in the Gymnasium
  2. exercise on the green carpet or on the machines with dirty shoes or golf shoes
  3. use the Club towels
  4. move the machines and/ or equipment
  5. exercise in the green carpet room while other person are taking lessons with instructor.

Instructors, have to be authorized by the Club Secretary, giving evidence to be a qualified professional and to be insured for third party damages Their lessons time table must be approved by the Club Managing Board. Their work and compensation is independent and not reregulated by the Club.

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