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Golf cart rules

1. The driver should be careful and is responsible for damages due to his/her negligent driving.

2. It is not permitted to drive a Golf cart:

  • if the course conditions are too wet and/ or not adequate.
  • with more than two passengers
  • if the driver is less than 18 years old

3. Golf cart must: – circulate on cart path and rough only, – respect signs of restriction  – cross fairways following the 90° rule only.

4. Golf cart out of the path should not transit on: – greens, – avantgreens and collars, < the spaces between bunker and green, – soft fairway, – any muddy ground.

5. Golf Cart should not transit and/ or stop at less than: – 10 mtrs. from greens, – 5 mtrs. from bunkers, tee areas and water hazards.

6. Golf cart transit is not permitted, for safety, on the following bridges:

  • hole 1, left side behind the green
  • hole 11, right side before the green

7. Hole 17 player should walk to the tee and stop the golf carts on the left side after the ladies tee.

The 18 holes of the Circolo dell'Acquasanta

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