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Dress beheaviour code


We kindly request that some rules are followed. Members of staff and Course Rangers are authorized to approach members and visitors if dress regulations are not being adhered to.

The Use of mobile phones is forbidden on the Golf Course as well as in the Club House

The Club may restrict access to persons who do not wish to follow the following recommendations:

In the Golf Course and Practice Ground

Men: Collar T-shirst, trouses, tailored shorts may be worn at the Club provided they are worn with either plain colored knee length socks or white sports socks which cover the ankle;

Ladies: T-shirt, trouses or skirt or tailored shorts

Either in the Clubhouse or on the course: Jeans, tracksuits, leggings, hot pants, spikes shoes, are not allowed.

In the Club House and Restaurant

Men: smart casual, for dinner after 8 pm jacket and tie.

Ladies: appropriate dressing for events, for dinner after 8 pm elegant.

Not allowed: faded blue jeans, collarless T-shirt for men, gymnastic track suits, hat in the club house and restaurant. Spike shoes.

Swimming pool

Club members and their guests should change at the changing rooms, avoiding to circulate in the club house and/ or golf course wearing the swimming costume only. Boxer and/ or Bermuda swimming costumes -are preferred for men.

Practicing in swimming costume at the putting green near the swimming pool is permitted in summer time only.

Summer restaurant near the swimming pool
Access is not allowed with wet costumes, T-shirt should be worn.

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