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Golf course local rules

Out of bounds (rule 27-1)
Hole 7: white and green posts are marking the out of bounds when playing the 7th hole only and should be considered not removable obstruction when playing other holes.
The club house and its pavements are considered out of bounds.
Hole 18: behind the green next to the fence valid only when playing the 18th.

Abnormal ground conditions (rule 25)
In bunkers: ground/ sand erosion and evident mud accumulation due to water
In TR between 15th and 17th holes playing is not allowed.

Immovable obstructions (rule 24-2)

  1. Hole 8: green and white posts on the 7th hole border.
  2. Hole 18: the path behind the green.

Water hazard

  1. Hole 14th: behind the green in alternative to the rule the ball may by dropped in the marked dropping area.

Part of the course are

  1. Hole 1: protection nets and pylons on the right side of the fairway and
    behind the green.
  2. All footpaths and tracks are integrated course part.

Practice putting green (rule25.3)
Both putting green on the left side of hole 1 tee and on the left side of hole 18, including their avant green and collars.

The 18 holes of the Circolo dell'Acquasanta

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